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The way to Generate A Disavow File Using Ahrefs SEO Suite

Generate A Disavow File Using Ahrefs SEO Suite

Negative SEO is a true thing.

Most marketers are attempting to control the system by sending junk backlinks for their competitor’s web site.

To manage such junk links coming to your website, you have several alternatives. The two most popular (that go hand in hand) will be:-LRB-*****)

  1. Generating a disavow record for poor connections and submitting it to Google.
  2. Construction more high quality links to your site.

Generating a Google disavow document will guarantee that Google nullifies the impact of hyperlinks coming from sites that are spammy to your website.

You are able to use tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, along with other people to create a disavow hyperlink .

In this tutorial, I’ll explain to you the way you can do this with the Ahrefs SEO tool.

the way to Use Ahrefs For Generating Disavow File & Link Detoxing

Note: You should use this technique with caution and only once you understand fully what it is you do. It may impact your ranking if by mistake you wind up disavowing backlinks. Is that drip feed spam links that are such. You have to be certain that you continue monitoring backlinks that are new since they arrive in.

I like using Ahrefs to get this done because their database is extensive and they crawl new links faster than almost all of the backlink checker tools out there.

Also, as soon as you’ve added a domain to the disavow file generator in Ahrefs, that domain won’t appear again in the backlink profile. In this manner, all you want to do is keep adding spammy links and monitor your backlinks that are new.

I also like using Ahrefs since you can easily monitor new backlinks, which is essential for keeping a site’s SEO.

Here is the outline of the process:-LRB-*****)

  • Create an account on Ahrefs.
  • Publish your domain name to the Website Explorer.
  • Add present spam links to the disavow file.
  • Submit the disavow file to Google’s Search Console.
  • Monitor new links coming in.

If you’re losing your ranking due to spam backlinks which were either generated by you (yeah! Sometimes people buy crappy backlinks thinking this will help) or by a competitor, follow this procedure.

And if you’re not facing this matter now, keep this post handy since it will turn out to be very useful when this inevitably happens to your website.

Step 1. Create an account and add your site.

Produce a account Ahrefs, and affirm your accounts by clicking on the verification link on the emailaddress. Submit your site, when you’re logged into the dashboard.

Ahrefs dashboard

Click on Add a site.

On the next page, set the protocol you would like to track. You should track http + https for the best outcomes.

Also, give a meaningful name to the project (like your site’s name).

Add a website

On the next page, you can input a URL (either yours or your competitor’s) to set up keyword position tracking and mention monitoring. This is outside the scope of this tutorial, so I’m skipping it; however, you should set these things up to get the most out of Ahrefs.  

One thing I find very exciting about Ahrefs is you’ll find the site report literally within seconds.

Website report

Now, it’s time to click on Referring domains, and begin adding spammy domains to our disavow file.

Step 2. Start adding backlinks file.

This is where the actual game starts.

You want to spot the spammy domains you need to grow your disavow file list. It becomes easier, although this is an extensive process for a first-timer.

Also note that after you’ve disavowed all spammy domains, you will need to monitor new backlinks (this is simple to accomplish on Ahrefs).

Here are a couple of techniques which you may follow to rapidly find spammy backlinks:-LRB-*****)

  • Find Spammy Anchor Text

This is the simplest method as all you have to do is browse backlinks and find obviously spammy links.

Here’s what you have to do:-LRB-*****)

  • Click on Ahrefs Site Explorer.
  • Enter your domain name.
  • Click on Anchors in the left column.
  • Find the spammy/non-relevant anchor text.


Now, click on Backlinks  > New on the left column and be certain that you choose the Live Index.

In the search column, type the spam anchor text and you’ll see all the domains that are pointing to you with that anchor text. (See the below screenshot for improved understanding.)


it’s also wise to select One link per domain.   This filter will show you only 1 backlink for each referring domain and will reveal to you the backlink with highest UR (URL Rank).

once you’ve selected the domains that you need to disavow, click on Disavow URLs.

You also must focus on the option at the top right that says “Hide disavowed links”. This will ensure those domains won’t appear in your backlink profile of Ahrefs.

Hide disavowed links

Easy, isn’t it?

Now, let’s have a peek at the 2nd method.

  • Find The Most Linked-To Pages

If you’re receiving spam backlinks to a few specific pages, you can select Pages > Best by links to come across these links.

Here you also need to click the Broken option that shows the backlinks you’re getting to your 404 error pages.

Best by links

Simply copy the URL and enter it into the Ahrefs URL field to discover all backlinks pointing to that page.

I have yet to locate any direct way to add those links to the disavow file, and I’ve notified the Ahrefs team about adding this feature.

  • Find Backlinks By Language

This way will allow you to find links to your website depending on the language of anchor text/webpage.

For instance, here you can see how I used the language filter on Ahrefs to discover Chinese language anchor text backlinks:-LRB-*****)

Find Backlinks By Language

  • Find Links Manually

After going through the remaining methods outlined previously should finally go through each backlink manually and pick out the spammy ones.

Again, be certain that you choose the option that says One link per domain. This saves a whole lot of time.

While browsing these links, search for patterns so you can learn what spammy backlinks look like. As an instance, I discovered the following patterns generated a great deal of spam backlinks on my site:-LRB-*****)

  • “Powered by ph*wind”
  • “Powered by Di**uz!”
  • “Jer*eys”
  • “Gu**tbook”


I then used the search bar to discover all such links and manually reviewed them before adding them to the disavow file.

Depending upon how big your website is, you have to spend at least a couple of hours adding in these spam links to your disavow file. For me, the fastest approach is the anchor text way (the first one), but each one these methods should be utilised to ensure that your whole backlink profile has no spam.

So based on the number of backlinks your website got, this procedure could take a couple of hours or maybe a couple of days.

Do remember, this is an on going process, so you ought to always be adding new links to your disavow file.

Step 3. Download Disavow File From Ahrefs + Submit It To Google

This is the last step where we tell Google not to let these spammy links affect our website’s ranking.

Here is what you have to do:-LRB-*****)

  • Go to your Ahrefs dashboard.
  • Click on Disavow links. (Refer to screenshot.)

Disavow links

This will take you to the Disavow Tool for your site on Ahrefs.

Here you can view a listing of all of the websites which you’ve added.

you could also add more hyperlinks .

Once you’re satisfied, download the file by clicking on Export.


This will export all links in a . txt format.

Now you want to upload this disavow file to the Google disavow link page here.

If this is your first time, you need to read this tutorial about the best way best to use the Google disavow tool.

Conclusion: Using Ahrefs As Disavow File Generator

Ahrefs is indeed one of the highest tools for monitoring your backlinks, and their disavow file feature is also extensive. For a massive site, it may be time-consuming to add in all these spam links, but the features to “hide added links to disavowed file” and “browse new links” will help you to save time as you move ahead.

It would be great to see Ahrefs add in more ways to locate toxic backlinks and quickly add them to the disavow file. However, for now, it will get the work done and works.

Produce trial accounts on Ahrefs (2-week free trial; $99/month after trial period)

In the coming days, I’ll research more SEO tools which will enable us to handle negative SEO. For the time being, if you want to suggest a tool or any tricks to create disavow files, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.

And if this tutorial was helpful, do share it with others who can benefit!

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