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ShoutMeLoud June 2017 Income & Traffic Report — Russia Trip & More

Howdy Shouter,

Following great demand, I am back with the following monthly revenue statement. This is component of our work culture that is transparent in which we discuss everything we learn that users just like you may become your boss. You ought to read this guide & you could browse all income reports here if you would like to read my ideology behind income file.

Last couple of months have been a rollercoaster for me since lots of things have been occurring. At the month of June, I needed to travel to two distinct nations for work: Russia & Turkey. These excursions were unanticipated and added my own personal development and a great deal of value. Turkey excursion has been written about by me here & is publishing on my personal journal website @denharsh about Russia excursion. com this week.

We’re in the middle of 2017 & if you ask me: Harsh, what is your shine for the first half of 2017?

Well, to tell the truth, workways my very first half was slow & not as productive as I needed it to be. I thought building a home would be like spending & hiring somebody to get things done. That wasn’t the situation.

If you recall I told you about the home I bought 2 decades back with my blogging revenue.   Eventually, I began the insides of my home from the very first month of 2017. It took to fill out right & the home now I am blogging in my property.

I’ve kept myself entirely  free of any responsibilities & involvement from the month of July & August so I could cover for lost time and also you can anticipate more quality materials from ShoutMeLoud at the upcoming days.

This month (July) began with a bang like I was in Russia to attend the WNSM17 event hosted by SEMRUSH. Here are a couple of photos from the event.


Rights specialists at 1 framework

You also may see the comprehensive Album here. While on the way to Russia on 29th June, I listed this video to get a blogging event at Guwahati, India. A group of bloggers arranged this event/workshop to support & educate blogging within their area.

To Begin the momentum, here I Am publishing our Initial Revenue report Following six months.     To begin with, let us see just how ShoutMeLoud performed about traffic & sales from the month of June 2017.

ShoutMeLoud June 2017 traffic report:-LRB-********************)

I’ve been always publishing 15 website articles a traffic & month was constant for all of us. There was no substantial increase or reduction in traffic from one year. At the month of June 2017, the website received roughly 1.5 Million page views.

84percent of the traffic is from search engine that wouldn’t have been possible without ShoutMeLoud curbing its motto of publishing just high-quality content. We obtain traffic from Australia, USA, UK, Nigeria, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Indonesia & Bangladesh.

If you’re searching for a single takeaway in this traffic file, that is to concentrate on SEO & ensuring to provide quality content to your viewers. Another hint I could provide you would be to make the most of push notifications. Since it might be an excellent source of traffic to you utilize PushEngage or support to configure Push notifications. The settings guide can be read by you here.

ShoutMeLoud Forum traffic June 2017:-LRB-*************************)

ShoutMeLoud forum is among the greatest places for many bloggers to hang out & interact with one another. This forum is a good illustration of a forum kept end users & by members.

The forum is managed   by busy Shouters of this operator. & bloggers are receiving replies to their queries are being continually improved by forum’s traffic.

compared to the final released traffic report; there is just a small growth of 10percent in traffic. The participation has increased. Here are the leading 10 members of ShoutMeLoud operator for the month of June 2017:-LRB-****)

Well, that was in the traffic view. I am skipping iOS program for this particular month & traffic accounts for our Android. Now, let us examine how we did with regard to sales for the month of June 2017.

Monthly revenue report: June 2017

As I mentioned previously, because there was no gap in traffic, I have not noticed any substantial increment or decrement concerning sales. Remember, this revenue is from the sites in our ShoutDreams network. But 90percent of this sales comes from just.

Here is a breakdown of revenue & investment report for 2017:-LRB-****)


  • Affiliate Earning  : $ 27233. 94
  • Ezoic AdSense Optimization: 161. 34
  • Infolinks: 64. 98
  • Graphicaltube: $19
  • AdSense: $266
  • $497. 79
  • ShareAsale: $979.5
  • Clickbank earning: $239
  • eBooks Earning: $548. 82
  • Viglink: $170. 53
  • Immediate Advertisement revenue: $2300

Full: $32480 ( 2.1 Million INR)

ShoutDreams Earnings, June 2017


  • Traveling Cost: $ 4937 (Russia/Turkey)
  • Aweber email advertising: $51
  • Salary: $6565
  • Facebook advertisements: $98
  • Discourse (SML operator): $100
  • Convertkit: $337

  Full: $ 12088

Net salary: $20392 (Approx 1.3 Million INR)

In coming months I’ve intended to boost our business procedure at ShoutDreams. More intelligent & larger is growing as our group is becoming tangled.

The other highlight of June was meeting my buddy David. We’ve been friends for several years. On my visit to Turkey, we have a chance. Lots of you may not be understanding, David, is MaxCDN’s Co-founder & he sold his business to follow his vision with happiness that is Managing.

Throughout the Turkey trip, I spent some time together with David & worked on the assignment & worth announcement for ShoutMeLoud. The work is beneath the progress and also you can expect a statement in the weeks to come. While we had been flying from Bodrum to Istanbul, we listed this video message for one:-LRB-****)

Well, that is all from the end to the month of June 2017. It is your turn to tell us just how was June to you with respect to blogging traffic, income & your own personal growth? Speak with me in the comment section below.


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